WHY Umbrella Trekking Nepal?

The Umbrella Foundation provides it’s youths with support for two years after they graduate from secondary school to enable them to gain a greater sense of responsibility and an opportunity to make a life for themselves. Our committed Youth and Education team provides career counselling and visits them regularly to monitor their progress and discuss any issues with them. Our hope is to aid their reintegration back into Nepal society and help them develop skills that can aid their own families and home communities.

“…Umbrella Trekking combines an experienced partner organisation with our disadvantaged young adults, eager to learn”

The Nepali economy is extremely fragile however and with the tourism sector one of the few areas of growth, many of our youths expressed a keen interest to get involved. Through a dedicated Umbrella Supporter, Mick Bromley of Wilderness Trekking, some of our Youths gained valuable experience in the trekking industry, which further whetted their appetite.

This led to the idea of Umbrella Trekking where rather than having to rely solely on the generosity of others we can give them something in return (a safe, enjoyable and ethical trip) while offering our disadvantaged young adults valuable job opportunities. It gives them a chance to show their skills and give back to The Umbrella Foundation that continues to care for hundreds of children throughout Nepal.


The unemployment rate in Nepal is very high and finding employment, even for qualified candidates, is a huge challenge facing Nepal’s youths. Through our Next Steps Youth & Education Programme Umbrella aims to equip our young adults with the skills and knowledge to give them a head start in the search for a sustainable career.

In their final year of school, children take the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations. Upon finishing these, they undertake a volunteer placement in their home village. When results are published, they enter our Next Steps Youth & Education Programme and have the option of taking either an academic or vocational course.

We help them to move out into their own flats, where they learn to live, cook and budget for themselves. Our youth officer organises regular social events to ensure they remain actively involved in our community. We are with them every step of the way, counseling them and providing educational support and living allowances for the duration of their chosen course, and thereafter continue to be available to them in a supportive capacity.

Our intention is to facilitate their reintegration into Nepali society and help them develop skills that can aid their families and home communities. Our approach is focused on fostering the following characteristics: Independence; Responsibility; and Employability.

Through their employment with Umbrella Trekking, our youths can gain a foothold into one of the few growing areas for the Nepali economy: Tourism. By traveling with Umbrella Trekking you are helping them on the path to independence and gifting them with the opportunity to make a life for themselves.


The Umbrella Foundation is a non-profit NGO and registered charity in Ireland, Holland, UK, USA and Australia working to alleviate the impact of trafficking, poverty and war in Nepal.

Established in 2005 in response to the growing number of illegal ‘orphanages’ neglecting children’s most basic rights – food, education, safe shelter, healthcare and love – we are a family-first charity which rescues vulnerable children and reintegrates them with their families and rural communities.

When this is not possible, we support them in our homes until such a time as they can stand on their own two feet. As a responsible and ethical organisation, we work alongside the Child Welfare Board to prevent further trafficking and corrupt children’s homes from operating.

For full details on The Umbrella Foundation’s work please visit the website.


Umbrella Trekking combines experienced local guides and partner organisations with our young adults who are very familiar with nature and the culture of Nepal with most coming from the Himalaya regions. Our supporting partners are Nature Treks Himalaya (www.nature-treks.com), one of Nepal’s most respectable eco-friendly organisations and they are our fully implementing partners in Nepal for all logistics and arrangements.

Nature Treks are one of the leading proprietor of ethical and eco-tourism in Nepal and are affiliated with the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN)The International Ecotourism Society, the Nepal River Conservation Trust and Bird Conservation Nepal.

Their offices are located in the centre of Thamel, the tourist area of Kathmandu. Operating on behalf of Umbrella Trekking, their staff are both friendly and experienced, having led tour groups extensively throughout Nepal.

Nature Treks are long term supporters of The Umbrella Foundation and provide their services at low cost so all profits go towards helping Umbrella protect Nepal’s most vulnerable children.