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About Chautari Youth Club

Chautari Youth Club (CYC)

Chautari Youth Club (CYC) is a platform and one of the project activities of Umbrella Organization Nepal (UON) where all youth people (especially care-leavers), regardless of their background, can meet together and take part in a range of youth related activities. These includes training, workshops, language and computer classes, career coaching and counseling. It is a common space where youth learn, share and become informed on a variety of subjects relating to youth. Our aim is to provide specialized and relevant training to young people on how to handle real world challenges. It is like a crash course for adulthood. Limitations are not caused by where youth come from, what their qualification is, what they dream of or who they are. All it needs is a hunger for learning and passion to be a change maker.

Crash Course for Adulthood
All the services are free of cost and certificates will be provided.

Weekly Workshop

Learning is something to be enjoyed, not endured. By getting hands-on from the start, Workshop lets you learn through experience and do more of what you love. It incorporates interactive sessions along with storytelling, using brain storming techniques, energizer exercises and make direct involvement of youth as per the need of the topic.

Time Management and Goal setting

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Shaping Career Path

Public Speaking and Drama

Peer Pressure and Personal Values

Other relevant topics as per need or demand of participants

Computer Skill Training Center

Computer skills are abilities and knowledge which allow user to use computers and related technology. These are short term courses where knowledge and experience matter the most rather than an academic degree. In today’s technological world, job applicants with computer skills are highly sought-after due to the increase of technology in the workplace.

Basic Computer Training

Advance Computer Training

Python Programming

Raspberry Pi Training

Short-term Vocational Training

Skill training is a career-orientated method of teaching workplace skills. It is aimed at providing personalized, hands-on training to prospective employees looking for employment, in order to equip them with the competencies required to perform a particular job.

In house short term training

Short-term Vocational Training

Youth for Environment

A small step to save our earth is in our hands, let’s do just a small and simple thing today!

A group of CYC’s youths running a campaign regarding the environment called `YOUTH FOR ENVIRONMENT’ (YFE). They decided to run this campaign when they actually learned that Kathmandu is so polluted. It mainly focuses on creating awareness among the young adults using different social media platforms as well as delivering presentations physically in different schools, colleges and business houses.