Umbrella into 2012

(January 2012)

Over the past year, Umbrella has initiated a number of ambitious projects and taken on board some very qualified and motivated Nepali staff to help give more support to our children. These aspects contributed to making it a year of change for Umbrella.

In 2012 Umbrella will continue its key activities in the fields of Child Protection, Education and Re-integration for all our children and youths. Depending on each child’s circumstances, we shall try to re-integrate as many of our children back to their families and giving our youths the capabilities necessary to make a life for themselves as they grow up. The ideal is for our children to return to their communities and grow up within their own families while receiving support from Umbrella, who will monitor their progress and help in times of need. We require the help of all of our supporters around the world who make our work possible, so Thank You and here’s to 2012 together..!

1. Children’s Homes

We will continue to provide full time care and education for the children in our homes in Kathmandu

2. Re-integration

The re-integration of our children back to their families shall continue to be a large focus for Umbrella. It is not a straightforward task, but our team hope to re-integrate even more children this year.

3. Next Steps Youth & Education Programme

Our NSYEP shall continue to grow as 39 more youths complete their high school studies and enter into further education courses and vocational training this year.

4. Rasuwa

Our transitional home will close as planned bringing to 54 the total of Umbrella children that will be re-integrated back to their families in this area.