School Uniform Appeal

As always, we try to keep costs to an absolute minimum and ensure that money and donations are stretched as far as possible. While we encourage the children to look after their uniforms and keep them in good condition, they cannot last forever – especially as the children are growing, growing, growing!

As the children have just restarted the new academic year at school, it is time to replace uniforms. With inflation and rising costs in Nepal, we are appealing for your support to help us buy new school uniforms for the children.

School Uniform Appeal

Just €8.50 will enable us to buy new trousers, a shirt, belt and tie for one child! We luckily had school shoes donated already and they will continue to use their sweaters from last year. With 74 children in the homes, we are aiming to raise €629 to cover the uniform costs for all children. Any amount you can give, big or small, is so greatly appreciated. Please donate to the ‘School Uniform Appeal‘ via our MyCharity page to support us in raising funds to ensure the children are comfortable and happy at school!

school uniform appeal4

If anyone can donate school bags and plain white socks, they are also needed and would be most welcome! Please contact your country representative about arranging sending socks and school bag donations – you can find your country’s contact information here. Otherwise contact Ciara: [email protected]