Brawl 4 Nepal 2016

May 7, 2016 all-day
Ciara Close

Its time to resurrect those rivalry’s… Man vs Mountain,  Tom vs Jerry, Simpson vs Flanders…


The Brawl for Nepal 2016 is taking place in Dublin early May and we are looking for fighters! Great way to get in shape for summer…though lets face it, summer doesn’t really come to Ireland any more!  Please feel free to suggest it to brothers/ sisters/ friends/ cousins…

The event takes place just over a year since the earthquake that struck on the 25th of April last year.  Since then, there have been many aftershocks and there has been a blockade imposed on the country, further exacerbating the difficult road to recovery.  The Brawl for Nepal 2015 raised €21k and we want the Brawl for Nepal 2016 to be even bigger, raising vital funds for Umbrella so we can continue to provide outstanding care and support to the children in the homes, the reintegrated children and their families, the next steps youths and all the other projects that Umbrella is involved with.

Training will take place for about 7/8 weeks prior to the big event in May, with 2 training sessions a week. Get in touch with Ciara ( if you’re interested in the challenge or you know someone who’d like to take part!