“I am proud to see his progress both in English language and at school.”

I decided to become a sponsor at Umbrella Nepal after reading the book “Little Princes”. I find it very gratifying to sponsor my “little brother” of Kanchanjunga’s House.  I receive regular news updates and school reports that help me know him – I am proud to see his progress both in English language and at school.

I recently got the opportunity to travel to Nepal and pay a visit to meet my little brother and his brothers and sisters. The children are living in a structured environment, sharing games, food, study time twice a day (morning and evening), and going into a famous Government School. I was very moved by the warm welcoming I got from everybody and all the little brothers and sisters from Umbrella Foundation. I enjoyed sharing Dhal Bat, (Delicious and spicy Nepalese food), football games, little brothers had to teach me, very graciously) a disco night (they all are amazing dancers as well), and walking with them to and from school. I was impressed on how well behaved and joyful the children are. As well as the human values that emanates from all of them.

I am thankful to be a part of Umbrella Foundation’s life. In a nutshell, I receive more than I give and have learned a lot…