Stephen Jenkinson: Going Home

Stephen, Conor and Amy with the Umbrella kids

Stephen Going Home

As my time with Umbrella in Nepal comes to an end there’s obviously a lot of mixed emotions. I’ll definitely be very sad saying goodbye to the kids and staff, who have been my family for the last three years. I feel very proud of what myself, Amy and Conor were able to achieve, relieved that the place didn’t come crashing down after Viva and Jacky’s departure and fortunate to have worked with and met some amazing people.

I could probably throw in a few others but the ultimate emotion that will always spring to mind straight away when I think of Umbrella is how lucky I was to have had this amazing experience.

It hasn’t always been easy, and there’s a few grey hairs to testify to that, but there is definitely something very special about Umbrella that almost everyone who visits or volunteers with us picks up on.

When I first met Jacky in 2007, who is the reason I’ve decided to get into this line of work, and saw his passion for this place, it was inspirational. At the risk of sounding corny…too late…Umbrella was started with a lot of love, from Viva, Jacky, Dave, Harry and countless other staff and volunteers from around the world. I like to think that even though there has been a big change in the personnel down the years, the reason behind why we’re all here supporting these kids, be that in Nepal or around the world, hasn’t changed!

I am delighted to be joining up with Audrey and the rest of the Umbrella team in Ireland and staying involved for many more years to come!

Stephen Jenkinson (Former Country Director)