SolHimal-Umbrella Preschool

As the first few years of a child’s education are so important in laying the foundation for their attitudes towards learning and schooling we decided, with the help of the Indian’s woman’s Club to open a type of preschool here in Swoyambhu for our children who are in class one or below.

In these preschools, situated in three of our houses, we are attempting a Montessori approach to teaching. This is a very different style to the classroom that Nepali children would be used to but we are getting positive feedback from the teachers and many of our volunteers getting involved with the English classes.

We are very grateful to the Indian’s women’s groups for their support and work on this project as without them this initiative may never have gotten off the ground!
School Exams

We have always strived to provide the highest standard of education available to the children. All of the children in our care attend private, English medium schools.

The children have school exams three times a year. Their end of year exams were held this April and we are happy to report that all the children are very pleased with their results.

Having said that there is a large gap in the standards of education that these children receive and the standard we would hope or them. For this reason we have decided to start a semi home-schooling initiative where the tutors who live within the houses will take a much more hands on active role in monitoring the children’s progress and ensuring that they are getting a rounder education where they will understand the subjects they are being taught rather than just learning how to give the correct answers to the questions.