Returning Home After 12 Years

In 2006, the Central Child Welfare Board closed down a unregistered children’s home in Dallu and placed Rajan* in Umbrella’s care, along with his caretaker Rabin. Rajan was originally a street child in Kathmandu before being placed in the childcare home and then Umbrella. Because he is differently abled, he needs support with independent living tasks and has been assisted by his caretaker Rabin for the past 12 years.

After he was brought into Umbrella, he joined a school which encouraged him to improve his motor skills. He also learnt some new skills and is now able to complete basic tasks on his own without assistance.
However, since Rajan arrived at Umbrella, the team could not find any information about his family and worked hard for many years to trace them. He only had a few vivid memories of his village and family. After many years in Umbrella’s care, pieces of information were tied together from different sources, and the reintegration team headed towards his village in the hope to meet his family. Finally, his birthplace was traced and it was found that his mother had sadly died 2 years before, and his father was in India working as a labourer. However, his younger sister was in the village and she was married with a baby son! His uncle’s family and other relatives were also in the village. During the visit, it was revealed that his father and sister were also differently abled.

After his family was traced, Rajan was very happy and travelled to his aunt’s family each year to celebrate the major festivals. During these times he was accompanied by his caretaker. After many visits home, his aunt expressed an interest in taking responsibility of him.
Rajan was happily reunified with his family on the 18th April, 2018. His aunt came to collect him, and it was great day to see him so happy and excited. According to Rabin; “he got a new life and everyone is happy for him that he has his family now”.

We continue to support Rajan in his new home, and our reintegration team frequently monitor him to check his progress.

*name has been changed