Rasuwa Transitional Home opens

Rasuwa Reintegration Centre

(April 2011)

Some regions of Nepal are more vulnerable to trafficking due to their proximity to Kathmandu or the regions lack of education and/or low economic status. The district of Rasuwa is one such region and it is the region of origin for fifty-nine of our youngest children. So in April 2011, Umbrella opened the Rasuwa Reintegration Centre to bring these 54 children home!

Through our work with Next Generation Nepal (NGN), we were able to safely reunify twenty-seven children directly their families. In addition, we opened a reintegration home in Shyaphrubesi, Rasuwa, as a means of reuniting the other Rasuwa children with their communities of origin, while maintaining their health, well-being and safety. The transition home will be the centre for our continued efforts to reconnect the children with their families. Thirty-two children are now living in this home, surrounded by their own customs, culture and most importantly, their families.

We are still working closely with the other families through our social workers in the area and our ultimate goal will be to get all the children back to their families, hopefully within the next year.