Rajan’s Success Story

Rajan Thapa is working as a Lab Assistant in the Asian Plus Medical Center, a polyclinic in Gongabu, and he manages the whole clinic with the support from two other junior colleagues. Rajan graduated from Umbrella’s Next Steps Youth and Education Program in 2013, and successfully applied for the job immediately after completing a 15-month Lab Assistant course from Binayak Technical College.  He was always very dedicated towards his study and he passed the course with very good marks. As he himself says ‘’if a person is honest about his dreams then all the universal power works for it’’.

Rajan has always shown patience and discipline and anyone who meets him for the first time is impressed by his honesty and gentle behaviour. Even though Rajan has no siblings and both his parents have passed away, he has always shown great strength and resilience during difficult times, and always worked hard. Rajan is a role model for all the Umbrella children and youth.

Umbrella’s youth programme help youths by preparing them for many aspects and challenges of life, as well as providing them with education and livelihood financial support. The programme’s strategic approach inspires, equips and helps youth in discovering confidence and self-esteem, providing them with leadership & communication skills, and the courage to confidently enter the world as independent adults. Rajan studied a course at a technical college, but the skills necessary for finding employment were also provided through different trainings, workshops and one-to-one counselling.

When children from the Umbrella homes enter NSYEP after Grade 10, they begin an independent life with Umbrella’s financial support. This can be a very vunerable period for them as they are in their late teens, with many like Rajan having no family to rely on for support.

Rajan is an inspiration to us all at Umbrella, and he has shown over the past few years that if we are dedicated and focused we can achieve great things.

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