NSYEP Success: Sarita’s Story

Sarita Nepali is working as a Lab Assistant in Kantipur Dental College after completing a 15 month course. Despite being raised in a children’s home for such a long time, she possesses strong abilities  to cope with life outside. It was not really easy for her to achieve this success coming from a difficult family background and going through a transitional phase of life.

Sarita shares: “What I am today is an outcome of Umbrella’s youth programme. I feel I am lucky to be part of NSYEP which sharpened my skills through different types of training and workshops along with education and livelihood support.”

Sarita secured 92% in the final result of CTEVT. She always secured very good results in college and school which was all because of her dedication and hard work. She also worked as a volunteer for the Earthquake response programme of Umbrella Organization in Rasuwa in 2015. She  chose this by herself, without any external pressure, and developed a passion and interest for volunteering. With the continuing aftershocks and landslide in the Rasuwa District it was not an easy job but she was very sincere regarding this.

Her positive attitude, strong determination and hardworking character are a complete package which have made her the extraordinary person she is!