What we decided:    Just over a year ago in September 2019, we publicly announced our plan to carefully wind down our operations in 2021. This was a difficult decision… More »

In 2021… we will carefully wind down our operations. The Executive Team and the Board of Directors at The Umbrella Foundation in Ireland have spent the past year discussing the… More »

Sem Gyalmo came to Umbrella in 2008 after being separated from her parents, and lived in Umbrella’s care until she was reintegrated back with her Aunt in 2012, in the… More »

“For it is in giving that we receive …”, St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer goes, and it has never been more true than when I became a sponsor at Umbrella… More »

Volunteer teacher Brian taught the locals to play gaelic football and organised big match in the school during his placement in Gatlang – a first in Nepal!