Greetings and Goodbyes

Goodbyes and Greetings7

The farewell ceremony for Raj Kumar and Indu Didi at the office.

This month we said goodbye to 4 staff members who are moving on and passing the torch. Our infinite thanks and best wishes go to Macartan Gaughan, our excellent Country Director, for his enthusiasm in strengthening Umbrella as an organisation and tireless dedication to the care of the children and youth. Big thanks also go to Raj Kumar Magar (Child Protection and Development Asst.) and Srijana Bajracharya (Admin and Finance Asst.) for their hard work and commitment over the years. And our thanks also to Indu ‘Didi’ Shrestha, our beloved Volunteer House Didi for her kindness and support – the house just won’t be the same without her! It’s been an emotional month but with programmes to celebrate their incredible contributions – it was an occasion of happiness too!

Goodbyes and Greetings5

A rapturous performance by the Sagarmatha ladies.

Goodbyes and Greetings3

The Gauri Shankar girls performed some traditional Nepali music, having been practicing their instruments over the past number of months.

A final word from Macartan: “It has been an honour and a privilege to work here in Nepal with Umbrella over the past 2 & a bit years. I’ve learned so much about the country, the culture and of course the kids! The children in Umbrella will forever be in my heart and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know and learn from them. Phayree Bhaytaula Nepal.”

Goodbye and greetings 6

A bit of a mosh pit formed around Srijana and Mac brother!

We welcome Caroline Scheffer on board as the new Country Director at the helm into 2014 and Ciara Close to the team in Ireland who is taking on the position of Fundraising and Events Coordinator.

Here’s a message from Caroline:

“Last month, we had to say our goodbyes to Macartan, a sad moment for everyone to see someone go who has given so much energy, dedication and shared vision to make Umbrella grow into an even more professional and caring organisation. It is my great honor to follow his footsteps and continue the great work that he, together with the team here, has achieved. I came to Nepal and Umbrella for the first time after I finished my Bachelor in Child & Youth Psychology. This three months volunteering experience completely changed my life and since then there was always something that kept pulling me back to Nepal and Umbrella; the children, youth and staff! So after having graduated a Master in Children’s Rights in 2010 and three years of work experience for several organisations since then, I am very excited and honored to be back in Umbrella as the new Country Director. The last few weeks have already been an absolute rollercoaster, and whereas I am aware of the challenges that are ahead of me, I am really looking forward to working with all the amazing people here and giving it my best. I am also hoping to get a chance to meet all of you, those who keep the organization going; our  volunteers, sponsors, donors and supporters worldwise. Thank you for always believing in our work!”

Goodbyes and Greetings 2

New Country Director, Caroline Scheffer, took to the stage with a few farewell words.