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About Family Reintegration Program

Family Reintegration Program

The Reintegration Program has been operated since 2009 with the objective to reunite displaced, abandoned or trafficked children living in Umbrella’s residential care home with their family, extended family, or with community care. The Reintegration team then completes regular monitoring visits, assessed and revised as per their care plans, and provide on going financial support to the child/youth and their family. This way we ensure that the child/youth remains able to access education until they finish +2 or vocational education, and that the family environment remains stable and secure.

Reintegration: what is it?

Why do we do it?


Reintegration is a long process that begins with our field officers gathering information about the child, their village and family. Family members are contacted and invited to spend time together. Gradually, the family bonds are renewed and, after ensuring that the situation is stable and safe, the child is brought back to their home. Umbrella continues to provide financial support towards education and living expenses, and regularly visits them to monitor their progress in terms of health and education, ensuring their personal and social development. Check out the process in the sidebar→


In the early days, Umbrella worked closely with Next Generation Nepal (NGN) to re-connect our children with their families and communities. Our reintegration officers and the NGN team travelled the country searching villages for the children’s families, with nothing but photos, letters and scraps of information to help find them.

Umbrella have since hired a dedicated team who have become renowned in their own right for operating an effective and successful reintegration programme, and have been approached by other children’s homes to support similar endeavours in an advisory capacity.


Foster Care

The challenges


The results so far

                                               We have rescued over 400 children.

                               There have been over 200 successful permanent reintegrations.

Most of the children in Umbrella have been reconnected with their relatives or family members. For the small number of children who are orphans, we also promote foster care arrangements, and currently have 5 children in foster care with families they have known for many years.