Call for support from Macartan, Country Director

“Hi Everyone,

I’m extremely happy to have this opportunity to take over as Country Director. There are amazing people are involved with this charity and I’ll be doing my utmost to help you help our kids realise a life – and obtain a future – that only a few years back was unimaginable.

I originally got involved with Umbrella after being left dumbstruck and angered by the issue of child trafficking. Whilst on a fleeting visit en route to Australia, a chance meeting with a former volunteer changed my life forever. I have stayed engaged because I believe in what we do and see on a daily basis what we achieve. Hundreds of lives are changed for the better because of our work, something we should all be very proud of.

Umbrella is built on the back of you, our volunteers and supporters. We need your help, but must also deserve it. If you are ever unsure about anything that we do, or want some particular information (privacy issues permitting) about any of our children you have come to know – ask, please ask. This is your charity and these are your kids.

Going forward, we are launching a new blog and twitter profiles for our staff and volunteers to post more frequent information about the daily happenings at Umbrella, so you can feel connected and clearly see where your support is going.

2013 is going to be a difficult year financially for Umbrella. Whilst blessed with amazing counseling, education and house staff, we are not staffed by experienced fundraisers or marketing people. So if you have any ideas for fundraising, supporting, volunteering or spreading awareness about Umbrella, please let me know. We want to be able to look back on this year and say: “We made a real difference” to these kids. We need your help to do so.

Thanks and I look forward to talking to you all soon!”

Macartan Gaughan

[email protected]