Art day in the British School

British School Trip and Volunteers have Talent

(November 2011)

On Saturday November 19th, the Umbrella children had a huge day of activities organized by our volunteers and the staff at the nearby British school for 120 children! The school organized various activities such as clay projects, textiles, photo manipulation, and drumming classes.  It was an amazing morning and a great experience for everyone involved, especially the kids who were also able to bring their artwork home with them.

Later that day, all the houses gathered to watch a program performed by the volunteers: “Umbrella’s Volunteers have

Talent.” As a thank you from the volunteers to the kids for their time in Umbrella, all the volunteers got involved by singing a song, performing (Irish!) dances and organizing fun competitions for the kids with small spot prizes for the winners, including ‘Chubby Bunny’, where the kids stuffed a piece of bread into their mouth and had to read a statement to their housemates to guess. Only if their housemates guessed what they were saying, did they get their prize!

It was a great day organized by the Volunteers and Lee, the Art teacher in the British school, and it was a fantastic and memorable experience for the kids!