Amazing SLC results of 2014!

After 2 months of waiting, the results of School Leaving Certificate (SLC) finally came in mid June. And boy, were they good! Passing the SLC is no easy task with poor attendance, high absenteeism among both teachers and students, lack of proper teaching materials and facilities and general low standards in the quality of education being constant problems. It is not surprising, though it is hard to believe, that less than 45% of students passed the SLC across Nepal.

By comparison, the students in Umbrella’s programs (both those in our childcare homes and our reintegration program) fared much better than the national average with an 82% pass rate – with several more waiting on results from repeat exams. Among them, 5 students who achieved the top rank of Distinction and 27 students who achieved 1st Divisions. We are so incredibly proud of them all – their results are testament to their own hard work and determination but also reflective of the importance being given an opportunity and fostering a good learning environment which we strive to do so. Credit must go to the amazing team of tutors at Umbrella who support the children’s learning all year round and the volunteers who also give their time and energy to helping them with study and homework!

With the results in, the youth team have been busy for the past 2 months in helping the children with the next step Рnamely moving out into their own accommodation or with family where possible and enrolling in college to pursue academic studies or in training institutions to take vocational courses.  We wish them all the best of luck in their next chapter and will be with them every step of the way to help them with this transition!

Thanks to all the supporters and sponsors whose continued contributions over the years have been instrumental in seeing these children through to this stage and we hope you’ll continue to support them during the course of the Next Steps Youth & Education Program.