Amako Ghar Children’s Home Rescue

Sadly, corrupt ‘orphanages’ continue to operate in Nepal but thankfully efforts to close them and rescue children also continue to be made. Although, unable to carry out rescue operations ourselves due to financial constraints, Umbrella offer support to such endeavours through human resources and consultancy. Umbrella’s own Boddhanath Ghimire, House Manager (pictured with his family), was involved in a recent rescue effort of ‘Amako Ghar’.

Here’s his account of what happened. He was called to Lalitpur where Sano Paila, a local NGO, had established a  receiving home for rescued children. He was one of many others who also came to support the organisation in the rescue process, especially for moving and settling the children into the receiving home. The government agents and Human Rights activists brought the children there. Boddhanath and the other team members from Sano Paila worked on preparing the children’s details by asking them question. They also helped them to clean and bathe themselves as well as change into fresh clothes. They organised games and activities for the children to play in the playground. They were also responsible for counselling the children – listening and talking to them about their worries, helping them to feel calm, safe and familiar with their new place and situation.

Check out an article about the rescue operation featured in The Himalyan Times.