Why volunteer with Umbrella?

Why volunteer with Umbrella?

It’s An Ethical Programme

The Umbrella Foundation is firmly against ‘voluntourism’, the industry of fabricating opportunities to meet increasing demands of Western volunteers. We are committed to ethical and responsible practices which minimise the impact on host communities, preserve the native culture, and benefit local people both socially and financially. Our priority is the employment of Nepali staff facilitated by a small international support base, thereby providing opportunities for local skill development, personal empowerment and sustainable job creation.

We Are Not A Volunteer Agency

Umbrella is a for-impact and non-profit charity that welcomes volunteers to assist with our projects. Volunteer agencies, on the other hand, act as intermediaries for local organisations, significantly decreasing the amount going directly to their work. Whilst our programmes are designed first and foremost to benefit the children, schools and communities within our care, we do our utmost to provide safe, happy and memorable volunteering experiences for all who come to participate in our objectives.

We Put Emphasis On Reintegration

In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Umbrella believes that the best place for a child is always with their family. We make every effort to reintegrate those in our care back with their local communities, supporting the preservation of the family unit and resisting child-trafficking through projects which combat the causes of it. These include our rural education support programme, the reintegration programme, and the organisational raising of awareness in remote communities.

Money Really Does Go To The Children

Financed by personal donations, child sponsorships and fundraisers hosted by our supporters around the world, we work tirelessly to ensure every rupee goes directly to the care of the children in our projects. Volunteers are asked to fundraise for their placement, which spreads awareness about the charity, covers the cost of your stay, and acts as a valuable contribution to the continuity of our work.

Child Protection

The safety, well-being, health and happiness of the children in our care is Umbrella’s number one priority. We are dedicated to promoting safeguards in accordance with highest international standards. To establish and maintain clear professional boundaries that provide for the safety of everyone, all volunteers are required to undergo a thorough background check, take training on our child protection policy, and agree to adhere to our code of conduct.

Best Practice Compliance

Umbrella are signatories to Comhlámh’s Code of Good Practice and Dóchas’ Code of Conduct on Images and Messages which hold organisations to the highest standards. We are registered (CHY17247) as a charity in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia, Holland and Nepal. Furthermore, we are registered with the Social Welfare Council (SWC), Association of INGOs Nepal (AIN) and are approved by the District Authority Office.

Rural school placement

Rural School Placement


Volunteer to teach in a rural school. Poor rural standards in education are a leading cause of child-trafficking. Desperate parents, seeking the best for their children, unwittingly send them to Kathmandu with traffickers, who falsely promise access to good schools. Having rescued children prey to such tactics, Umbrella is determined to improve rural education standards, especially in high-risk areas, and thereby stem the flow of children to Kathmandu.

You should have a strong command of the English language and some related experience. Of great  benefit to young adults seeking employment in the tourism sector, a native English speaker allows schools to model conversational and oral language skills. You will not be there to replace local teachers, but rather to work alongside them and plan complementary teaching activities. You can also assist in other subject areas and energise students by organising extra-curricular activities. And if you are a qualified teacher, you could make an even longer-lasting impact on the school by running teacher-training workshops.

Why not take this rare opportunity to live directly with a Nepali family, learn a new language, culture and way of life, teach local children, support a rural school community and have a challenging, memorable and life-altering experience?

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NGO support placement

NGO Support Placement

Volunteer with the team in our NGO office in Kathmandu, Nepal. We work to empower displaced, trafficked and vulnerable children and their families in Nepal through projects which promote the preservation of the family unit, education and community development.

As a volunteer, you will provide assistance to our small but dedicated Nepali and International team. We’re looking for volunteers willing to share their own skills and background to help the local staff. There is a strong emphasis on education both academic and holistic therefore volunteers help with workshops and extra-curricular activities including arts, music, sports and other creative outlets!  If you feel like your skills match up with our needs then please reach out to us!

Why not take this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Nepali culture, learn about the challenges and goals of development, make a genuine difference in the lives of vulnerable children, and have a personally enriching and life-changing experience?

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