Umbrella Volunteers Raise Funds in Kathmandu

Nepal has become a hot spot for tourists. Some come to trek in the Himalayas with dreams of summiting Everest and some come for the laid back Buddhist atmosphere of Lumbini, but no matter what designs you may have for your time in Nepal, no tourist can escape Kathmandu’s Thamel!

It is a small area of intersecting streets, winding lane-ways all selling what a tourist couldn’t need but must have. It is also home to many western style restaurants and bars.

Umbrella, situated in Swoyambhu, is far from this usual tourist foot traffic and so volunteers decided to take Umbrella’s cause to Thamel.

Liam and Katie, two volunteers from England headed up a team of willing volunteers and started a series of Pub Quizzes in one of Thamel’s night spots.

The idea of a pub quiz is to have many teams pay to enter a quiz while enjoying an evening in the pub. There are questions to test your general knowledge, history, geography, sport and obscure facts.

The prizes for the evenings quiz were generously donated by local businesses, restaurants and friends.

The nights have raised a few quid, awareness and one or two tourists from the quiz have subsequently visited the organisation and made donations of clothes.