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The Volunteer Programme Gets a Make-Over

Umbrella has always relied on the dedication and efforts of their volunteers. While volunteers can be of great help in the office, in construction in Gurje or in the improving of daily running of the organisation, the most valued role a volunteer can have is working with the children.

In order to refocus the volunteer’s attention to the kids, the role of volunteer coordinator was revamped. With the help of French volunteer Dhalgara, the volunteer programme was given a face lift!

Dhalgara encouraged all volunteers to work together as a team rather than many individuals working in

the different houses. She recognized that even if one volunteer is working in a house with young girls and another is working in a house for older boys, they are still working towards the same goal…encouraging the kids.

Dhalgara helped redefine the role of volunteer coordinator, becoming the link between all the houses, the office, the house managers and the volunteers. She had the advantage of a great, and ready team, who were eager to take directions and run with it and she also had the support and encouragement of the leaving volunteer coordinator Julien, who was able to pass on his experiences and advice after laying some solid foundations.