TGI Saturdays!

Saturday is the only day in the week that the children do not have school. As Umbrella puts such an emphasis on education during the week we try to make Saturdays an extra special day.

In the past, volunteers were encouraged to have a special activity planned or their house for Saturdays. This can be an over whelming task at times with one volunteer to 50 children so it was decided to pool Saturday activities. All volunteers now work as a team through out the week towards a common Saturday activity that all houses are invited to send a group of children to.

So far our Saturday projects have included sports days, dance competitions, kite making activities, football tournaments and a carnival!

Some activities are ‘too young’ for the older kids so they are encouraged to act as volunteers themselves and help the smaller kids with the day’s projects. We hope this will encourage the older kids to take on more responsibility, show initiative and take on a role of big brother or big sister to their younger siblings.