Jen’s time in Nepal..

Before visiting Nepal I had a million and one questions; Who would I be working with? What kind of work would I be doing? How much time would I be spending with the children? Imogen told me the best way to approach the situation was to have no expectations and I think it was the best advice I could have been given. After that, everything that happened while I was here was like a pleasant surprise.


The work varied from day to day and I had the opportunity to help out on a broad range of jobs while also gaining great insight into how a small NGO operates. The best thing about the work here is that I had the opportunity and the freedom to apply and share my own knowledge and skills as well as getting to learn from others. I created a digital strategy for the Foundation, a fundraising pack for future volunteers and a video to celebrate Universal Children’s Day. I also designed an Internet safety workshop and held mock job interviews for the youth in the Next Steps programme. The variety from day to day kept things interesting and exciting.


Having Dahl Bhat with the girls of Gauri Shanker every week has been a real highlight for me. The girls are so fun-loving, confident and kind. Their enthusiasm is infectious and there’s certainly never a dull moment! I believe this is a credit to Umbrella, their firm stance on ethical volunteering and continuous pursuit of the best lives possible for the children they support.


My time in Nepal has surpassed all expectations and the main reason for that has to be the staff here. I have never met, and likely never will meet more kind-hearted, thoughtful and caring people than those I have met working with Umbrella. What once seemed like a daunting trip; my first time travelling alone and my first time volunteering, very quickly changed and I felt immediately welcome and among friends.