Gurje Is the Place to Be

Gurje Is the Place to Be

Everyone knows that it is the ultimate goal of Umbrella to move the majority of the children to Gurje. This is a fact that has not escaped the children’s attention.

A 326 children field trip to Gurje is not easy nor is it practical! So we are working on presentations to be shown in each of the houses introducing the children to their soon-to-be new home.
During the older kid’s holidays they were afforded a great opportunity for a few to visit Gurje and help volunteers with some construction work and entertaining the local children.

There is no marketing tool more effective than word of mouth. On return the participating boys were full of the Gurje joys and so the line up of volunteers on the next set of holidays was not surprising!

The recent holidays saw three more Umbrella older boys heading off to Gurje to teach some of the local children music and dance.
Umbrella has always assimilated itself well into the community so they were, true to form, conscience of the impact Umbrella might have on the community. They therefore set out to improve the entire community, introducing food for education programmes, bio-gas units producing sustainable energy, renovating local schools, empowering women’s groups with income generating activities and introducing new faming methods and crops.