Farid (far left) and Conor (third from right) of Next Generation Nepal (NGN) with volunteers and Macartan, Communicaitons director of Umbrella (second from left) at one of our homes.

Conor Grennan visits Umbrella

2011 saw the release of Conor Grennan’s book: ‘Little Princes.’ This non-fiction book beautifully describes Conor’s experiences in Nepal 5 years ago, when he first volunteered in Kathmandu. Conor didn’t have the typical volunteering experience and what started out as a quest for the perfect chat up line became a mission to bring the trafficked children of Nepal home!

We were delighted to receive Conor Grennan and Farid from Next Generation Nepal (NGN) at Umbrella in October 2011 for a discussion on their work and ours, with some of our volunteers and staff.